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Professional Wedding Photographer Advice; What The

Experts Want You to Know!


Congratulations on your engagement! There are so many things that go into planning an amazing wedding but don’t forget to capture each precious moment. After all, those moments on film will be with you long after your big day. They will last a lifetime and beyond.

We at Las Vegas Party Ride asked some of the top Las Vegas wedding photographers their advice. See what the experts had to say!



“Wedding photos last forever, every bride and groom wants them to be extra special.  What are some tips that every couple should know about to best capture the special events during the engagement through wedding process?”



1) Have an unplugged wedding. Virtually every wedding we shoot these days has rows of brightly colored phone cases lining the edges of the aisle. Have your officiant make a quick announcement before the ceremony asking everyone to abstain from photos during that part of the day. Not only will you have infinitely better photos, but your guests will get to experience the ceremony fully and without distractions. 

2) Don’t choose your photographer based on price alone. I know cost is not a thing we can avoid when making our decisions, but consider how much time your photographer will be spending with you, how credible they are and how much trust you are putting in them. Make sure you feel like you’re getting the best fit for the type of photos you want and customer service. 

3) You can’t go wrong with professional hair and makeup. It’s super important to hire stylists with wedding experience who know how to make your hair and makeup waterproof and windproof. You’ll look your best AND feel your best, which is really important for your photographs. If you want to try out a stylist for your wedding, you can do a trial session for engagement session.

-Kristen Hansen, Owner, KMH Photography



Schedule your most important outdoor activities like portraits when the light is best.  This will make your photos so much better.  

JamieY Photography



The real moments that you share with the ones you love always end up being the most cherished. The truth is is that it is your wedding day, you don’t want to be spending all your time posing for photographs. Communicate with your photographer and cinematographer, and find a company whose approach is more documentary. We believe the most beautiful images eternalize those subtle moments, often otherwise forgotten, through the lens of artistic vision.

-George, Andy, Mike & Kristen, Pure Light Creative



The best tip we can offer a couple is allowing the photography to occur at the best time of the day which is the time around sunset. This gives us the best lighting considering the harsh Nevada sun. Along with timing allowing a sufficient amount of time for your photographer to capture your moments that last a lifetime. As a general rule we suggest a minimum of and hour after the ceremony to capture these moments.

-Lisa & Paul, Paul’s Vegas Photography



I think the best tip I can offer as a Las Vegas wedding photographer is to be yourselves and have fun. Let the professionals handle the details of your day and enjoy the ride! I also recommend getting hair and makeup services as this is the most special day of your life and those services are fun and will help elevate your photos. 

-McKenzie Taylor, Owner, Taylored Photo




When you look back at your wedding photos, you want to remember how you felt in that moment! I always tell brides and grooms to be natural in front of the camera, and look at each other, not the camera. Laughter, kisses, quiet moments, and hugs give a photo real and raw emotion.

-Sunnie Hunters, Third Cactus Creative



I could go on and on for days with answers to this but I will try and keep is short and simple.. which is pretty much how I would wrap up my suggestions for your photos… nothing is ever simple but here are some tips. Engagement photos: Choose a location that has meaning for both of you, make sure that there is not a lot of “junk” in the background that will draw attention away from you, after all, the whole reason for your photos is to highlight the two of you! If you choose a place that has interesting stuff, that is exactly what your viewer is going to be looking at. If all else fails…pick a location that your photographer suggests. Wedding Photography:… this is easy… choose a photographer that you like! It’s that simple. You are going to be spending 6-8+ hours with this person.. you don’t want someone who is a jerk, always unaccounted for, out smoking or trying to pick up your maid of honor.  Interview your photographer, do your homework and ask a LOT of questions! Also, assign someone in your bridal party or a close family member to be the “spokesperson” to organize and gather the family members and guests that the bride and groom want/need for posed photos. This will alleviate the stress on you. You get what you pay for in most instances. Your wedding photos are the most important photos of your life (well, besides that new car… new baby… amazing dinner.. well, you get the point) so think this one out!

-Stacy Frick, Owner, Frick Photo



Compiled by Las Vegas Party Ride

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