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Professional DJ Advice; Expert Tips & Tricks

For Couples On Their Wedding Day 


It’s your BIG DAY! Don’t leave anything to chance. We at Las Vegas Party Ride asked some of LV's top wedding DJ’s their advice to making your reception one to remember!


“As a DJ, you are literally the life of the wedding reception. Sometimes, people are hesitant to let loose. What are some tips and tricks to packing the dance floor?”



The easiest thing to do that most DJ's will rely on is throwing on a popular line dance to get a bunch of people on the floor. That's the tried and true super easy way. I would rather be a little more creative and I would invite the Bride and Groom to come out to the center of the dance floor. Then kind of like a reverse anniversary dance I would ask if anyone of the guests had been their friend for under a year please come out and join them on the dance floor. Friends for 3 years come on out and join them. Friends for 5 years. If you've known either the Bride or Groom for 10 years please come on out.....(all the time I am playing very soft instrumental music underneath)...15 years....20 years.....all the way up until the parents and grandparents come join them. I would then fade out the music and say "everyone please take a look are the most important people in this couple's life. They wanted you to be a part of their special day. Now let's help them make it even more special and let's get this party STARTED!!"  I would then drop a fun party song such as Celebration, We Are Family, Uptown Funk or whatever fit for the guests they had there at that time."

-Elegant Entertainment


In order to pack the dance floor you need to read the crowd!

-Harry O Productions


In my opinion, getting people to pack the dance floor, means connecting with those people through the music you’re playing.  Mix in tracks that people recognize and are meaningful to them!  And finally, no matter what the venue (Wedding reception, club, birthday party), PLAY TO THE GIRLS and the guys will follow!

-Kelly Nunes, DJ Sugar



Filling the dance floor indicates how good a DJ is at his craft.  If no one is dancing, no one is having a "good time".  My single best suggestion to get people on the dance floor is for the DJ to get out there and dance!  Know the crowd's music style and start a group dance with YOU starting it!  Rock crowd - start the Locomotion by Grand Funk Railroad.  Latin crowd - start the Conga line by Gloria Estefan.  Hip Hop crowd - start the Cha Cha Slide by DJ Casper.  Country Crowd - start a line dance like the Watermelon Crawl.  You get the idea.  If the bride and groom don't want group dance songs, then consider celebrating the longest married couple with a special song and dance.  Get on the dance floor and motivate people to dance!  The DJ starts and get the bride and groom to follow.  Then, everyone else will join the crowd.

-Matt Campbell, My Wedding Songs



Compiled by Las Vegas Party Ride

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